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Dear visitor - Thank you very much for visiting this website. May I introduce myself:
My name is Anton BergerToni
And that´s me on top of my world -
Mountain "Schinder" in the Bavarian Alps during a sunny winter day on a alpin style ski tour

 I live in Bavaria, located in the south of Germany.
My hometown is
Schliersee, a small village at the foot of the Alps. Altitude 780m above sea level. We have a lake, lots of mountains, tourists, cars and the famous "Hopf Weissbier" brewery in the neighbourhood ;-)

Do you want to have a more detailled look at Schliersee?

My profession: Mechanical Design Engineer at R&S in Munich

Age: guess what ? 
(e EXP 3.68)

And that´s my hobby:

#Traveling the nordic countries with my family in our VW Bus
#Skiing (alpine and telemark style) - Hey, free your heels !
#Mountain Biking
#Reading books
#my Pentium machine (always too slow, you know - )
#Phil Collins

If you need information about this area were I live, do not hesitate to contact me! I´ll do my very best to help you.  Schliersee

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